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learn (verb) gerund and infinitive

Usage “Gerund and Intfinitive” or both of them:

GERUND: (enjoy, finish, quit, delay, avoid, postpone, suggest, think about, consider, talk about)

INFINITIVE: (want, plan, seem, afford, decide, would like, hope, need, pretend, refuse)

BOTH: (hate, like, begin, start, continue, love, can’t stand, can’t bear)

A gerund= the -ing form of verb (e.q., talking, playing, understanding)

An infinitive= to + the simple form a verb (e.q., to talk, to play, to understand)

i have made some exercises:

1) I can’t imagine Peter going by bike.
2) We decided to run through the forest.
3) The question is easy to answer.
4) I look forward to seeing you at the weekend.
5) He agreed to buy a new car.
6) The man asked me how to get to the airport.
7) The teacher expected Sarah to study hard.
8) Are you thinking of visiting London?
9) She doesn’t mind working the night shift.
10) I learned to ride the bike at the age of 5.

Unfortunetely there isn’t any key to used “gerund an infinitive”???

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